Is Northern Rescue Based on a real life story?

northern rescue

Northern Rescue aired on Netflix, and was an instant hit. It is a new family drama with a perfect blend of emotions and adventure- sometimes funny and often making you cry, with a dash of love and romance every now and then.

While watching this sit-com, with picturesque background and gripping story line, one though that might have crossed your mind is “Is this based on some novel?”. Well, the story and the characters look’s like straight from a novel.

Well if you want to read this novel, let me share with you that this is not going to happen. Northern Rescue is not based on any book. And though the series is so relatable, it is not even based on any real-life incident.

David Cormican stated in his interviews that Northern Rescue feels so real because it is the mosaic of real-life experiences of both the cast and crew that they bring to their work.

northern rescue

Northern Rescue is an emotional family drama. There is something for everyone in this series. It is about the every day battles that a person has to go through in life and how one has to take some life altering decisions for family.

The family faces a wave of change when Sarah West, the matriarch of the house dies of cancer. The family then shifts from their house for newer challenges and beginnings. The story picks up pace from third episode.

Is Northern Rescue based on Real life story?

Cormican told Variety in an interview before the show’s premiere. “Almost everything you watch is going to be based on some nugget of truth that we’ve unearthed”. He states how each member of Northern rescue team brought in their experiences and pain.

“You put words on a page, but then the magic really starts to happen when everyone else starts to interpret it a little bit differently, and then they add all the different layers of their life and their own personal heartbreaks and sacrifices and losses and loves and joys and milestones,” Cormican said.

So, though Northern Rescue is not based on a book, but the feeling that it has either been based on a book or on a real-life experience runs through the series. And this is basically because of the amazing team work. And as David Cormican said it is a mosaic of real-life experiences.

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