Not in Justice League, not in Snyder Cut but Darkseid is coming

Not in Justice League, not in Snyder Cut, Darkseid to appear in ...

Well, Thanos was an amazing villain and marked the ‘destiny’ of Marvel Studios. The DC equivalent of Thanos, Darkseid however, is nowhere making an appearance.

Currently, DC is working on too many titles altogether. Shazam 2, Aquaman 2, Wonder Woman 84, The Trench, Birds of Prey and many more. Thus, many doubts arise as to out of these titles which will reach the final stage.

Darkseid and New Gods

However, New Gods is already set in motion, we still don’t have a reach on the storyline and character details. Still, Ava Duvernay, who is the director of New Gods, confirmed some of these characters.

Ava confirmed that New Gods will feature both Darkseid and the Female Furies. However, this is not a piece of shocking news as DC Comic fans already speculated the presence of Darkseid. Also, Darkseid was teased in Batman vs Superman and also in Justice League. Therefore it was sure DC won’t waste such opportunity of bringing the second greatest villain in DC Comics to life.

It can also be concluded that Granny Goodness (who trains the furies) will be included in the movie who will go up against Mister Miracle and Big Barda. However, DC has not confirmed these rumours but it is very obvious that Jack Kirby’s New Gods storyline will follow the same events.

Ana DuVernay hints a massive development

These are only basic and popular characters. If DC and Ava dive deeper in New Gods, there are plenty of characters to explore, Kalibak, Orion, Highfather and DeSaad are some of them. Also, after watching the latest episode of Young Justice: Outsiders, it is also possible that Metron could be in the movie.

Tom King also revealed that he was given the task to put together a team of Jack Kirby experts for opinions related to the movie. Jack Kirby is currently working for Marvel Comics. He also built a similar comic universe which is also developed as a movie in MCU called ‘Eternals’.

Also, as you can see ‘Darkseid is ..’ is a phrase from Grant Morisson’s Justice League comic series. Also, the phrase was included in Mister Miracle series by Tom King. Thus, it is evident that Mister Miracle will be a part of the New Gods.

Well DC is currently stacked up from all sides, be it games, TV series or Movies. DC did not attend SDCC 2019 which disappointed many fans. However, such news would encourage more enthusiasm from fans all over the world.

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