Number Six’s death in ‘The Umbrella Academy’ and mysterious past

Number Six death The Umbrella Academy

Number Six’s death has led to numerous questions in the minds of The Umbrella Academy viewers.

As ‘The Umbrella Academy’ story proceeds and lifts the veil of its characters and their past, the one character that still remains mysterious is that of Ben Hargreeves. He is also known in the series as Number Six and the horror.

Billionaire Reginald Hargreeves is the creator of The Umbrella Academy in order to teach the super-natural kids to utilize their potential to save the world from eminent danger. Ben Hargreeves (Number Six) is one of the seven super-powered children adopted by Hargreeves.

The Umbrella Academy Poster from Season 1

The Umbrella Academy is based on the Gerard way’s comic book. And though all the other characters have unveiled something about their past, Number Six’s character continue to be crowded in mystery. And even the comic shrouds Ben’s past in mystery.

And in the Netflix adaptation, in the very first mission number six’s death evokes a lot of unanswered question.

The lack of information on Ben Hangreeves have led a lot of fan theories on his sudden and fast death, and Number Six’s mysterious past. One of the most prominent theory is that Ben killed himself and the other theory is that he is not actually dead.

The actor himself on Number six’s death and his past:

To these theories, the actor himself responded when asked by The Digital Spy. Justin said,” “Oh 100%. I have been asking from day one how Ben died but no one will tell me…I’ve gotten a couple of potential hints here and there but even Gerard himself is not 100% clear on that. So, I hope as the series moves forwards, that’s something we continue to look into and explore. I will be finding out alongside everyone else.”

A sill from The Umbrella Academy, Season 1

Interestingly, Justin also believes that the theory that Ben is not actually dead might be possibly true. He hinted and stated that, “ I think there is a reason why Ben is with Klaus and I think there is a reason why all the other ghosts in Klaus’s life come and go but Ben is there constantly and never leaves. And there is something really interesting and special about that”.


When asked if he would like to reunite and work with the Umbrella Academy, he said,

Would I love to be able to interact with the other siblings? Of course. But it has to fall in line with the story and what we’re trying to do.

You can catch up with the Umbrella Academy episodes on Netflix.

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