O2 will soon launch its 5G network in October in Six UK cities

O2 will launch its 5G network in October in UK's 6 cities

The future of networks is almost here with the latest 5G technology. The smartphone companies have already started launching their latest 5G smartphones. And, some parts of the world already have 5G networks up. Now, reportedly, the network company, O2 will soon launch 5G networks in 6 cities of UK.

5G in Six UK cities

O2 will launch its 5G network in October in UK's 6 cities

O2 is bringing 5G in 6 cities of UK (Source: IT Pro)

According to the latest reports, O2 will launch their 5G networks in UK’s Cardiff, London, Slough, Leeds, Edinburgh, and Belfast. After these 6 cities, O2 is planning to expand its 5G services to 50 towns and cities by 2020.

Which phones are compatible with O2 5G?

The first question that arises in our mind after getting such great news is whether our device supports O2 5G or not. In that case, O2 5G is compatible with the newest upcoming smartphone i.e Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Apart from this, Xiaomi Mi 3 5G will also be available at O2 by August.

Like other network companies, O2 also seems to have dropped Huawei Mate 20 X as their choice of smartphone for 5G networks. However, O2 previously announced that Mate 20 X 5G will also be their choice. But, seems like they have changed their decision.

O2 5G without Huawei’s equipment

O2 will launch its 5G network in October in UK's 6 cities

Telecom giant O2 will soon launch 5G in UK ( Source: Home.Bt)

O2 is the last network company to roll out its 5G services. However, they are the only one to do so without the telecom equipment. This equipment is made by the China-based company, Huawei.

O2 5G Sopping & Entertainment

You might be wondering that why O2 is launching their 5G services in such small cities first? O2 explains this and says that they are initially launching 5G on the sites that are crowded more.

This includes stations, sports’ stadiums, and entertainment venues. This will include London’s O2 Arena, and Edinburgh’s Princes Street. O2 also ensures that users can expect the fastest speeds if they buy a compatible smartphone.

Thus, if you are also eagerly waiting to use 5G technology, you’ll soon be in touch with it. For more tech updates, keep watching this space!

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