OddWorld: SoulStorm – The new PlayStation game trailer is beyond expectations

OddWorld: SoulStorm first trailer is beyond expectation

Developer Oddworld Inhabitants released the gameplay trailer of the Oddworld: SoulStorm. The latest instalment of the Oddworld cult fiction game series. The Oddworld visualizes strange and off the road theme however, it outlived the 90s genre of gaming.

The Oddworld has its own sequels, making it a consideration SoulStorm is a remake of the Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus pretty much. But, there’s no clue about how much the remake may relate to its predecessor’s sequel, New n’ Tasty. However, the remake will be more than Exoddus.

OddWorld: SoulStorm first trailer is beyond expectation

The character “Abe”

OddWorld: SoulStorm – What’s the story of gameplay?

To clarify, the story involved a slave named “Abe” who fostered against his imprisoners. And now the story continues with a new environment of a factory, more comprehensive of the modern world.

According to a press report, the game will mostly involve an energy drink, SoulStorm Brew. Whereas, the weapons available for action will be some kind of consumer products transformed into firearms. In addition, the additional ingredients can be acquired by pick-pocketing from sleepy guards.

According to creator Lorne Lanning, the gameplay involves a time of 12 -15 hours. In addition, if someone is a “completionist”, they need to hurdle for more than 100 hours of gameplay. After around 2 decades the game is ready to launch and Larne is ready to give justice to his own created character “Abe”. Subsequently, he captured the feeling of empathy over violence in the game.

The story will start just after Abe’s Oddysee with Abe and the 300 followers which Abe saved previously. Subsequently, saving the followers and gaining more followers will make a victory to the game and its abilities. However, the followers will also play more vital roles in the go.

OddWorld: SoulStorm first trailer is beyond expectation

SOURCE: NoobFeed

Creator Larne has done justice

Moreover, giving justice to his character he will be ready to make another 3 films. This is to make a “pentalogy” to complete his series which are planned since 1990. The game’s resolutions are higher along with the animations more elaborate, in addition, the structure is completely different than before.

SoulStorm is set to release in 2020. However, the ultimate platforms disclosed will be on PC and the consoles including the PS4, Xbox and obviously the Nintendo Switch.

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