Official Gundam sneakers are now available for all

Official Gundam sneakers are now available for all

Psychologist says that the first thing a stranger notices about you is your shoes. Foot-wears have always been as much a major part of dressing as our attire itself. Dress-hunting might be a time-consuming activity but so is searching for the ideal shoe. High heels might be overly-exaggerated but a comfortable sneaker is everyone’s best friend. Finally, the Gundam Sneakers are available for all.

Official Gundam sneakers are now available for all

Gundam sneakers are now available
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Gundam Sneakers are now out!!

Every pop culture brand has itched its presence on sneakers. Whether it be Stranger Things of the world’s most famous Game of Thrones all have made an appearance in the form of sneaker designs. Gundam is no exception to this.

The Chinese company 361 Degrees have released Official Mobile Suit Gundam Sneakers. So all mecha fans out there this might be your chance to get your favourite Gundam sneaker. Each Gundam sneaker will cost between US$60 to US$70. Which is roughly around RM250 to RM290.

These sneakers are the result of the unexpected collaboration relationship between the Chinese footwear 361 and Mobile Suit Gundam. They have come together once again to build this series of basketball sneakers.

Information regarding the sneakers

The sneakers are based on the anime series famed mechas. There are a total of six shoes available though actually there are only four models. Some of the models are available in different colour schemes ergo in all enhancing the total number available for sale.

Official Gundam sneakers are now available for all

This sneaker is the most popular among all its brothers
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If you are an uber-fan of mecha or hold a huge sum of spare cash then you can go for the collector’s editions that are also available. The collector’s editions come in an incredible box cum crate. Even some other apparels and stuff such as T-shirts are available now.

The classic Air Max 98 “Gundam” appears to the most popular amongst all. It is the first choice of many because of its placating yet elegant style.

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