Olivia Munn and Tucker Roberts Break Up: Couple to End Relationship after a year of Dating


After dating for over a year, Olivia Munn and Tucker Roberts have ended their relationship.

An insider confirmed that they broke their relationship at the end of the last year. Munn and Roberts dating rumors came into market, when they both are spotted  holding hands in front of a shopping store in 2018. They both celebrated New year’s Eve together at a party.

Last year, Munn and Tucker made their relationship official, when the star posted a picture of themselves on their instagram.

In the picture the couple are dressed up as Jesse Gemstone and Judy from the Tv comedy show.

In an interview Munn said,

I have two dogs, two cats, so that’s a lot just with the animals. I don’t have kids. I mean honestly it’s a lot.

Munn said that I am happy with all the things that I have got in my life. Munn don’t want to have kids  and get married tag, but if it has to happen it will happen.

Munn  have already achieved the things that I want to have in my life. For Munn her pets, career and pals are all the things which matter her a lot. Munn is really, really happy in her life.

When Munn  was present on ‘The Big Ticket With Marc Malkin’ podcast, she also said that she has no plans of getting married. Instead, the thought of marriage made her nervous.

Munn also admitted that she has only visited four or five weddings and she found the events boring.

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