One Piece 1011 Spoilers Promise A Lot Of Surprises And Turn OF Events; Chapter To Center Around Big Mom

One Piece

One Piece Chapter 1011 has a lot of surprising twists and turns to be seen. If the latest set of spoilers is anything to go by, then the fans are in for roller coaster ride. The major highlight of the upcoming manga installment centers on the dark horse that the Straw Hats and the Land of Wano never know it has.


One Piece Chapter 1011 Spoilers

In the next chapter, fans would see the adorable Tama, using her devil fruit power and her charm in somehow changing the course of the War in Onigashima. Following the intense fight on the roof of the Skull Dome, the upcoming manga installment moves the spotlight to other parts of Onigashima, this time highlighting the events, which involve Nami, Usopp and Tama. According to the spoilers, Tama goes to the Live Floor and orders the Gifters.

Also, Page One is still after Nami and Usopp. It looks like the Straw Hats’ sniper manages to slow down the strongest Sinuchi of the Tobi Roppo. While running away from Page One, Nami, Usopp and Tama chance upon Big Mom. While Nami and Usopp are terrified, Tama endears the yonko by calling her Olin and talks to her in a friendly way.

One Piece

Big Mom Is Friendly Towards Tama

Surprisingly, the yonko is friendly to the little girl as well and Prometheus describes this as the emperor’s special mode. Apparently, Charlotte Linlin, aside from her bizarre attitude about Mother Carmel’s picture, has a weak spot for children that belongs to a certain age bracket. This could be due to the events of her childhood, particularly at the time when her parents sent her to Mother Carmel.

Tama tells Big Mom that Kaidou’s minions destroyed the Okobore Town and this enraged the yonko. Meanwhile, Page One still chases after Nami, Usopp and Tama. After seeing them in front of Big Mom, she tells the emperor not to let them get away. In an unexpected turn of events, Big Mom attacks Page One and tells her, “You have no morals?” Ulti is shocked witnessing this scene.

Release Date And Where To Read Manga

Chapter 1011 is to be released on 25th April 2021. Just like the other chapters of this popular manga, the VIZ Media and Manga plus are going to distribute this chapter.

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