One Piece 947: Release, Spoilers and much more!

One Piece 947, Spoiler alert!!

As the Wano arc comes to a conclusion, One Piece is getting more intense day-by-day. Eiichiro is all loaded with various weapons to melt your mind and make you bite your heads-out. Before starting with  One Piece Chapter 947, let us first see what happened in One Piece Chapter 946.

Events in Chapter 946

Here is a list of major events of the previous chapter, following these events we will try to deduce the possibilities as to where “947” will go.

  • Queen was defeated by the “Big Mom”.
  • O-Shuriko container was found to be empty.
  • It was found by Big Mom after the battle with Queen.
  • There is a battle between “Luffy” and “Big Mom”.
  • This fight starts as “Luffy” eats the contents of the container.
  • “Luffy” trains to make a progress in his Haki with the help of “Hyogoro”.
  • All contact-making tactics have been failed to talk to Kaido.

Before referring the contents below we warn you as the further article contains spoiler of the next Chapter. Read at your own risk!

Chapter 946 will be obviously released this weekend. The Manga will come back on the 1st of July.

One Piece 947, Spoiler alert!!

Event predictions in Chapter 947

  • “Queen’s gamble” is the title which is predicted.
  • Luffy will use the technique he was trying to learn for the past few times and use it to save “Hyogoro”.
  • Luffy will still forget how he did it because of the fit of rage.
  • Big Mom is still in the fight and makes both Luffy and Hyo run.

  • Luffy still tries to use the technique but fails and finally runs with Hyogoro.
  • Big Mom destroyed prison equipment in a fit of rage.
  • Queen who was left baffled from the battle with Big Mom regains consciousness.
  • She has a plan for Big Mom and lures it into the trap.
  • Queen plans an explosion which helps Big Mom regain lost memories.
  • Big Mom is now tied up by Queen.
  • Babanuki is the prison in charge till Queen returns back.

So these were the spoilers! Make sure you also read our other works regarding One Piece.

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