One Piece and My Hero Academia authors come together on Pokemon GO

One Piece and My Hero Academia authors come together on Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO is not just a game now, its an emotion. Pokemon GO has inspired people to move out of their comfort zone, meet new people and face new challenges.

One of these people is none other than Kohei Horikoshi. Who is the author of the legendary anime and Manga My Hero Academia. Horikoshi has befriended Eiichiro Oda in Pokemon GO. Eiichiro Oda is none other than the famous writer of One Piece.

With a total of 895 episodes in One Piece, it is one of the leading Manga in the industry. Whereas My Hero Academia is running strong in both Anime and Manga.

According to Kohei Horikoshi himself, he is back for Pokemon GO as he loves taking a toll. Well, this friendship could also mean more than fans think. Maybe they are coming up with some other series or Anime idea. Or, maybe this is just a normal friendship and nothing more. Nothing can be said certainly for now. However, fans still speculate what we can get from this.

It is not the first instance of Horikoshi’s interest in Oda. In 2018 Yonkou Productions did upload a tweet regarding the friendship between these two legends. Apparently, Horikoshi made a fan-art after taking interview of Eiichiro Oda.

Well, all of this is not just from Hirokoshi, Oda also did something for his friend previously.

Fans are probably speculating for collaboration between them. However, currently, nothing can be said what is running behind the scenes.

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