One Piece Chapter 1000 Review: Luffy Has Come A Long Way; The Worst Generation Will Lead A New Era

One Piece 1000

One Piece Chapter 1000 just came out. And for the milestone of thousandth chapter, it was quite an epic one. Especially, the ending scene blew everyone’s minds.

Luffy finally gets to the top, all thanks to Cecilia and gang, who kept the stairway open. Meanwhile, Jack left the top of the dome much earlier, after he was knocked around and he went down the stairs. However, Luffy and Jack avoided confrontation somehow.

One Piece Chapter 1000 Review And Discussion

We finally understand why Luffy wants to fight for these people and protect them. He said that he remembers that Zou incident, when they kept Raizo safe and everything that happened to the Minks.

Zoro also gets to the top but in a more fan manner, i.e., by getting tossed up there by Marco. And Marco is able to hold off not one but two Yonko Commanders, King and Queen. That, however, doesn’t mean that Marco is stronger than them both put together. It’s probably just some momentary strength to help Zoro get to the top. There are speculations that Sanji could get involved here, probably when he switches places with the Black Maria fight.

One Piece

Coming to Ace and Yamato’s dialogue, it’s kind of ironic how Ace mentioned wanting to have a drink with that someone who said the same thing as Luffy did. Not knowing that this someone is none other than Roger, his own father, whom Ace has always hated, all his life. This being the first thing Ace and Yamato bonded over is something paradoxical.

More importantly, the significance of this conversation between Ace and Yamato is to show us where Luffy came from. His declaration, even as a kid, was quite hard to believe. And yet, Ace had faith in him, long before Luffy had even set out to sea. Equally important is the fact that when Ace died, Luffy doubted his dream for the very first time. Indeed, Luffy has come quite far from being that little boy with a dream and coming to this point where he at the top facing a do or die situation. Fans are obviously rooting for him to finally fulfil his dream.

Luffy Has Come A Long Way

All of this is a very fitting portrayal of the 1000th chapter. Both physically and emotionally, our protagonist has come a long way, but his roots and identity remain the same. That is shown when he says the exact same words to Kaido now at this point which he had said to Crocodile back when he was still a rookie.

One Piece

At this point, Luffy’s demeanor is pretty calm, he is not even affected by Big Mom and Kaido’s taunts. He simply ignores them and moves to check on the Scabbards. He also easily dodges Kaido’s attack. Luffy is quite changed from his 1st encounter with Kaido.

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