One Piece Chapter 1001 Spoilers, Release Date And Latest News; Zoro To Be The Highlight Of The Chapter

One Piece Chapter 1009

One Piece Chapter 1001 may feature Roronoa Zoro showcasing his unmatched sword skills to Big Mom and Kaido as he launches new attacks. The new chapter is reportedly titled “The Beginning”.

Spoilers For Chapter 1001

The chapter reporrtedly starts with the Wano residents seeing an island drifting towards the capital in the sky. Meanwhile, Kaido is bleeding from Luffy’s attacks and begins to laugh. Additionally, Big Mom remembers that Kid sunk her ships, its also revealed that the sweet commander Eustass Kid injured Charlotte Smoothie. Killer, Law, Luffy, Zoro and Kid all show the signs of the fight, they are all bleeding. And then, Kaido says he will kill them all and Big Mom provokes them telling to come.

Zoro Will Be The Highlight

This chapter will be a gift to fans of Roronoa Zoro. Zoro will be launching his Cognac attack against Big Mom when the Yonko tries to sneak up on Luffy. The new attack lets out a ranged slash that prevents the emperor from hitting the Straw Hats captain.

Reportedly, the attack is the same as the one Mihawk used against Whitebeard during the Marineford War. It appears that Big Mom knows the background of the Supernovas. She is aware that Zoro is a pirate hunter and has improved his swordsmanship under the tutelage of the Greatest Swordsman in the World, Dracule Mihawk.

Word is that sometime during the Supernovas vs. Yonkos fight, Zoro cuts Kaido. Apparently, the Straw Hats swordsman hurls his Tower Climb and return attack on the Beast Pirates’ captain. Kaido reportedly responds to the attack by launching his signature Raimie Hakke or Thunder Bagua which, despite Zoro’s attempt to block, sends him flying to the rubble.

Previously, Hyori, Kozuki Oden’s daughter, gave her father’s Enma to Zoro. The pirate hunter trained so hard to master the legendary sword. He was elated when he learned that the same sword, along with the Ame no Habakiri, were the only blades to ever injure the Strongest Creature in the World.

In addition to his training under Mihawk, the Enma could be a vital factor in Zoro’s improved swordsmanship prowess. This would be the pirate hunter’s greatest fight beside Ryuma and after the two-year time skip. It’s about time Roronoa Zoro gets the spotlight.

Release Date For One Piece Chapter 1001

Spoilers and full summary will be updated once the manga raws or scans are verified and translated into English. The upcoming manga installment is set to release on Jan. 17, following Jump’s week-long hiatus.

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