One Piece Chapter 1004 Predictions, Discussion, Importance Of Upcoming Chapters, Release Date And Raw Scans

One Piece Chapter 1008

One Piece Chapter 1004 is now even more awaited than the yet to be released chapter 1003. Fans now almost know the gist of the upcoming chapter, thanks to all the spoilers. However, the said chapter is ending at a cliffhanger, as per the spoilers. As a result, fans are now even more eager for the 1004th chapter.

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One Piece Chapter 1004 Predictions And Discussion

The next chapter looks promising with The Cipher Pol (CP0) and Shanks’ alleged appearance. The return of the “man with the red hair” has been teased, and it may finally happen this time. Apparently, CP0 is watching Luffy and Kaido’s fight and keeping an eye on everything.

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Allegedly, Orochi is secretly working with the intelligence organization and planning to take the battle from here and get the remaining Pirates. If this happens, Kaido and the Pirate-Samurai-Mink alliance will lose a lot of its people, making it easier for the Marines to bring them down. The upcoming chapter may also reveal if Orochi is alive or just faking his death.

The next chapter is believed to resolve a major cliffhanger after “something strange or huge” happens in Chapter 1003. It has been teased that there is something about Chapter 1003’s ending that will make fans eager to see Chapter 1004. As Kaido’s hybrid form will be unveiled at the end of Chapter 1003, the next installment may reveal it in its full glory, along with his new powers and abilities.

Importance About The Upcoming Chapters

Meanwhile, after reaching the 1000-chapter mark, the manga is about to celebrate the coming of volume 100. At the Jump Fest ’21, Eiichiro Oda himself teased new info about “that person”, a “man with red hair”.

One Piece Fan Page stressed Wano arc’s Act 3 is about to end with a big tragedy, possibly showing Supernova’s defeat in this chapter. If it follows the suit, then Chapter 1004 is about to start Act 4. Chapter 1004 may be the “first interlude chapter” covering the full chapters, mostly focusing on Shanks. Fans may see him from this said installment until Chapter 1015. In Chapter 1001, Oda put Shanks in line with the Legends. This time, fans may see more of him and learn about his story.

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Release Date And Raw Scans

Chapter 1004 drops on Sunday, February 14. Fortunately, there will be no delay this time. On the other hand, its raw scans may be out two to three days before its official release date comes.

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