One Piece chapter 951 related prediction from fan theories

One Piece chapter 951 related prediction from fan theories

The Manga series One Piece is moving towards another chapter 951. From the last chapter, Luffy and his allies overcome the prison of Udon. And it’s real that, we will miss Luffy in the latest One Piece chapter 951. In the last chapter, Law was seen smiling while he put on the handcuff.

It’s also a fact that Luffy is suffering from some disease and Chopper needs time to heal him. Eventually, it’s not true that the chapter will be boring at the same time. There are enough exciting events that will take into action without Luffy.

One Piece chapter 951 – Is something fishy from Law?

Is Law ready to reveal the plans as suggestions made from his smile? On the other hand, Hawkins tries to withdraw the plan from Law. As we all know, Luffy didn’t help Law during his need, and now its clear Law won’t reveal anything.

One Piece chapter 951 related prediction from fan theories

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Law is a mysterious man, his smile is can be dangerous. Out of which a simple theory comes out from the One Piece fans. A theory which tells secrets about “Sanji’s raid suite ability”. According to a theory, the raid suite ability is capable of shapeshifting anyone around their reach. This ability can be a resemblance that Law is using while getting into the prison.

Is Sanji using the Raid Suite Ability?

However, X Drake bangs Sanji in a recent battle. This can be possible that Sanji won the battle and now impersonating X drake to fight the enemy. There are various theories coming up right now for the One Piece chapter 951. Luffy is too missing in this chapter and this could turn a various question about him.

One Piece chapter 951 related prediction from fan theories

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The theory of infiltrating the enemy jaws back to its previous chapter 950. Where Hawkins and X Drake makes there conversation a little vague. Hawkins asks Drake about his strange behavior. And in return, X Drake replies “Let’s wrap this quickly”.

If so ever the theory becomes correct and Law gives a gruesome smile. Then there is nothing to worry from Law, we need to wait till One Piece chapter comes out.

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