One Piece Chapter 952 release date jumps to next week

One Piece Chapter 952 release date jumps to next week

The last chapter 952 of One Piece was one of the most interesting chapters. It is one of the amazing to get air from the recent arc. Law’s unforgiving plan with a smile and Heart Pirate’s escapes were some catchy parts of the episodes. Importantly, One Piece Chapter 952 will not release next week.

One Piece Chapter 952 to reveal interesting snippets from 951

Another important story of the last unit was the battle between Kaido and Big Mom. There is much secret behind the war between both the Yonkos. Their past lies behind while both were in the same pirate crew. And this is the most important part of the latest episode.

One Piece Chapter 952 release date jumps to next week

Release date of chapter 952 is on August 19
Credits: Inquistir

We saw some clips from the previous chapter were Kaido tries to stop Big Mom. Unfortunately, it was impossible for Kaido and at the end, she was there to hit him. Their sword strike was so powerful that heaven got split.  In chapter 951 Luffy was also not available.

This article contains spoiler from the upcoming One Piece Chapter 952.

As earlier mentioned, the chapter 952 will not release. The reason for this situation comes directly from the publishing department. Oda the creator of the anime is not up for a holiday, that’s for sure. Subsequently, weekly shounen jump will revert back to its original publishing schedule.

The release date for upcoming chapters

After two weeks a single chapter of One Piece will get a release. That means the next of next week we will be able to watch One Piece Chapter 952. However, after the release of the latest episode, Oda will go his own break. And this will be almost a month to get the chapter 953.

One Piece Chapter 952 release date jumps to next week

Credits: Okakukart

The next chapters of One Piece will show the end of Wano Arc. Most importantly, the left-out battle story between Kaido and Big Mom. However, the wait will be long but as soon as it gets released it will be worth to watch. The suspense is making a whole lot of essence for its upcoming Chapters.

The official release date of the One Piece Chapter 952 is on August 19. While the scans of the chapter will release 3 days prior to its official release.

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