One Piece Chapter 979 Leaks, Spoilers: Flying Six and Kaido’s Son Connection, Chapter 980 Delayed

One Piece Chapter 979 Leaks, Spoilers Flying Six and Kaido's Son Connection, Chapter 980 Delayed

One Piece Chapter 979 is finally coming out this week after a week’s delay in the manga series. It is said that the golden week holiday celebrations and COVID-19 pandemic are responsible for the delay in most of the manga issues. One Piece 979 will show more about the Flying Six and their connection with Kaido’s son.

It will also explain why Kanjuro took so long to reach Onigashima and what happens after he tells Orochi about Luffy’s plan. Here are more details on “One Piece” chapter 979 release date, leaks and spoilers, and the possibility of chapter 980 getting delayed too.

One Piece Chapter 979 Leaks: Flying Six, Kaido’s Son and Kanjuro

One Piece Chapter 979 Leaks Flying Six, Kaido's Son and Kanjuro

One Piece Chapter 979 leaked raw scans shows that Kaido allows the Flying Six to challenge the Beast Pirates’ All-Stars for a fight if they can find his son. It is still not confirmed properly but one of the leaks that Kaido’s son will be named Yamato. The Flying Six vs Beast Pirates fight will take place in front of Big Mom who is wearing a kimono.

One Piece 979 leaks also explain why Kanjuro was not able to reach Onigashima despite traveling with the help of a bird. Kanjuro lies that he was looking for Hiyori instead of admitting that he was lost in the way. Momonosuke is still a hostage and “One Piece” chapter 979 will reveal how Luffy and the alliance handle the situation.

One Piece Chapter 979 Release Date and Chapter 980 Delayed

One Piece Chapter 979 Release Date and Chapter 980 Delayed 

One Piece Chapter 979 release date is set as Monday, May 11 as per the official sources. Fans can read the manga chapter on Shonen Jump and Manga Plus apps and websites legally for free.

It is expected that the upcoming “One Piece” chapter 980 could also be delayed due to the Coronavirus outbreak in Japan. Everyone is working from home and it has reduced the productivity to half of before, which is why manga chapters are taking two weeks instead of one. One Piece Chapter 980 release date will be Sunday, May 24 if the next manga issue also faces a delay.

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