One Piece Chapter 981 Review and Reactions: Whitebeard Pirates stops the Big Mom Pirates

One Piece Chapter 981 Review and Reactions Whitebeard Pirates stops the Big Mom Pirates

One Piece Chapter 981 titled “Engagement” has finally come out in Japan and the English version will also be out soon. It was hilarious, shows up some old characters coming back and also hypes up the upcoming Wano war. The Big Mom pirates are once again stopped from climbing up the waterfall and enter Wano by a flying Zoan devil fruit user, Marco from the Whitebeard pirates and it was very hilarious.

One Piece 981 manga chapter also shows Chopper having eye-contact with Big Mom and it would be fun if she decides to keep him without remembering their previous history. It is also revealed how Apoo’s powers works and he is not much of a threat now to Luffy and Zoro.  Here is the detailed One Piece chapter 981 review along with fan reactions for the manga issue.

One Piece Chapter 981 Engagement Review

One Piece Chapter 981 Engagement Review

One Piece chapter 981 perfectly sets up the tone for the upcoming battle while also giving out proper screentime to each character. Luffy, Zoro, Kidd and Killer find out an easy way to defeat Apoo as his attacks only works when you are able to hear the music. Kinemon and the rest of the Straw Hats are almost caught by Big Mom so they jump into the pond, but Chopper hesitates and runs into a tank where he is seen by the female Yonko.

One Piece 981 chapter had its funny moments as Chopper looks too scared to see Big Mom again and she might keep the doctor this time with her. The Whitebeard pirates reaching Wano to help Luffy and his alliance was totally heroic and bumps up the hype. At the same time, Marco pushing down the Big Mom Pirates from the Wano waterfall is hilarious and a well-played running gag. Apoo says in One Piece chapter 981 that Pirates alliance won’t have a happy ending and it could easily be foreshadowing to Luffy’s alliance or even Kaido and Big Mom alliance.

One Piece Chapter 981 Reactions and Fan Discussions

One Piece Chapter 981 Reactions and Fan Discussions 

One Piece chapter 981 reactions are so far good and fans have loved how it sets up the serious tone with the underlying funny moments. Who’s Who is aware of Queen’s plans and is ready to take him out without making much noise. It is not just a simple Kaido vs Luffy battle as One Piece 981 clearly sets up smaller conflicts and certain crew members having issues among themselves.

Big Mom and Chopper interaction were funny as hell and fans are hoping that it continues in the future too. Marco coming out to help Luffy has fueled up hype and everyone is hoping that Shanks will also arrive at one point and join the war. One Piece chapter 981 is amazing and everyone is glad that there are no breaks for the next chapter.

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