One Piece Chapter 989 Spoilers, Release Date: Straw Hats Pirates are ready to take out Big Mom


A huge battle is in full swing on the Onigashima Island. Kaido is well aware that their enemies have infiltrated them. Chapter 989 of One Piece is still a part of the Wano Arc. This chapter will be the said arc’s 80th episode and will set a record.

Fans are already in anticipation of what may happen next as the events are getting more and more intense. The Beast Pirates and the Straw Hat Pirates alliance are ready to face each other and fight for the Land of Wano.

Recap of the Chapter 988

In the previous chapter titled Sorry for the Wait, we saw that the Minks were facing Kaido in their Sulong form. The Straw Hat Pirates were also dealing with Big Mom. Meanwhile, Kaido took to his dragon form to face his enemies.

Jack was also on his side, so he is not alone in the fight against the Minks. While Inu and Neko face Jack, others are fighting with Kaido. While Nami was busy fighting Big Mom, Franky and Brook also arrived on the scene.

In chapter 988, we also saw that King got angry with Jack as he didn’t take the beast pirate’s permission before joining the battle. King was left all alone to guard Momonosuke. As King and Queen were busy talking to Jack, Shinobu tried to free Momo. Even though he was caught by King, Shinobu managed to free Momo without getting injured.

Release Date and Spoilers

Chapter 989 is set to release on 7 September. The fans will get to know what happens to Big Mom after the Straw Hat Pirates succeed in attacking her. She may have to support Kaido in the ongoing battle. Fans are eager to watch the Minks fighting Kaido in their Sulong form.

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