One Piece chapter 991 Release date, Spoilers: Luffy and Kaido will exchange Allies before the Battle

One Piece Chapter 991

In the latest news on One Piece, the war on Onigashima continues. Luffy’s circle of supporters is expanding. Despite having Big Mom and the Flying Six by his side, Kaido and his crew are having troubles. All this is happening thanks to the unexpected help Straw Hat Pirates are getting. The characters they didn’t even know were on their team are now helping them out.

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The story so far:

In the previous chapter 990 titled “Army of One”, Queen and Who’s Who tried to kill someone. That someone turned out to be X Drake of the Tobiroppo group. Queen learned that he is a traitor. X Drake betrayed Kaido’s team when he freed Law in the past.

However, they failed to finish him off. X Drake suddenly ran off to Luffy’s side. It wasn’t because he wanted Luffy’s help but instead he wanted to help Luffy fight off the Numbers. Afterwards, X Drake requested Luffy to include him in the Straw Hat Pirates. He wanted to assist them to fight against Kaido. This surprised the Straw Hat Pirates’ leader.

Meanwhile, Sasaki was angry when he found out that Kyoshiro is a betrayer. But when he was freed, he left with his knowledge about Kyoshiro’s real identity. He was freed only when the Big Three pirate crews fell into the hands of Straw Hats and the Minks.

In Chapter 990, the Minks played a huge part in defeating the Numbers and Jack. Queen is disappointed with the ongoings and also that her allies are disappearing one by one.

Spoilers, plot prediction and release date:

Luffy hasn’t answered X Drake’s request yet. In the upcoming Chapter 991, it will be revealed whether X Drake’s team will be joining the Straw Hat alliance. Marco and Prospero will enter Onigashima so the marines might back up X Drake.

This chapter will also show Zoro coming in between Luffy and Queen’s battle. And Sanji fights the King. The Mink’s Inu and Neko will face Jack at some point and they will probably put him down.

At this pace, it won’t be long before Luffy gets hold of Wano. As that’s what Oden had wished for before he died 20 years ago. We might also get to see some significant deaths by the time the war is over.

Chapter 991 is set to be released on September 28th, according to One Piece Fandom.

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