One Piece Chapter 998 Spoilers And Plot Predictions; Latest Update On Raw Scans And Release Date

One Piece

One Piece Chapter 998 is just around the corner. And fans are super hyped about the upcoming instalment. The previous chapter has discussion forums on fire. Fans got to see three Devil Fruit reveals in just one chapter. And they are not resting until the next chapter comes out.

One Piece

Discussions And Spoilers For One Piece Chapter 998

Fans had already theorized about Sasaki being Triceratops and Who’s Who being a Sabertooth. So seeing that actually happening was a triumph. The fact that Who’s Who was shown with his crew all dressed as cats finally made sense.  

The next chapter might have the inevitable Luffy reaching the roof. Luffy is most likely going to carry out Ace’s will– The will of the D! And now, it all comes in a full circle. Additionally, Ace’s flashback is to be shown. Yamato sees a statue of a beaten dragon, says that a friend broke it. It did look like it was Ace’s doing.

One Piece

Marco v/s King?

Marco uses his skills to stop the spread of the virus. It seems that the virus depends on the physical capacity of the person. Any doubts about who is the top commander for all those who continue to underrate him shall now be cleared. He took on the 3 admirals at marineford, took on blackbeard post marineford and is being the mvp once again.

Apoo is wounded but gets up, and Drake defeats him. To give Apoo a fair chance, he did tank some big shots from Kidd and Zoro, who he wasn’t even prepared for it as he was fighting drake and still gets back up. He shouldn’t be seen as weak because everything considered he hasn’t done bad. Most of the battles he has been in, he has been ganged up on. We could totally see him getting back up again in a few chapter only to be defeated again.

Sanji v/s Black Maria

Which one of them was a user of the Kumo Kumo no Mi (Kumo means spider) model? Well, fans were a little surprised at this one. Black Maria as a Spider was a bit of a curve ball. And yet it felt just right. Here’s hoping that Sanji gets away from Maria despite his hangups. Unless he’s throwing his rule aside but there is no way that’s happening. Sanji doesn’t hit women even if they are ugly. That’s because Zef taught him that way.

One Piece

Raw Scans And Release Date For One Piece Chapter 998

The imminent chapter is set to be out on Sunday, December 13, on Viz Media. The manga went on another break. And fans were disappointed that they had to wait for 14 days to see the new chapter. Its creator, Eiichiro Oda, has been going on a regular breaks every three chapters. It seems to have become a pattern now. However, word is that there’s no break next week. Thus, detailed summary and raw scans will be out by Thursday.

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