One Piece Chapter 998 Updates: Spoilers, Discussions, Plot Predictions, Raw Scans, Release Date And All The Latest News

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One Piece Chapter 998 is almost here. In the previous chapter, Zoro’s Shishisonson was a sight to behold. After many weeks, we have gotten a solid Zoro moment and fans couldn’t be more excited. With Sanji detained at the same time, another round of Zoro fans vs Sanji fans has begun.

We still have to wait for the official translations but in the fan version, Yamato referred to Kaido as a literal dragon and she talked ‘dragons’, as in plural. Once again, we believe this is a hint to the existing theory that Kaido and Yamato are dragons with human model devil fruits.

What To Expect In One Piece Chapter 998?

So apparently, Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, has updated his statement regarding the end of the series. A couple of months ago, he said that the series will end in 4-5 years. But now, he says that if this Covid condition keeps hampering the releases, then it might take up to 10 years.

This doesn’t mean the series will go on for 10 years; don’t be mistaken. This just means that it might get stretched a bit, since Covid quarantine is still happening. Wano Act 1 was 15 chapters. Act 2 was 30 chapters. So, Act 3 will probably be around 45 chapters.

One Piece chapter 998 brings us to the final few chapters of Act 3 and we expect it to end around Chapter 1002. Now, we all have high expectations from Chapter 1000. It is a phenomenal milestone and we all are very hyped for it. It will be centered in Wano.

Most probably, Luffy vs Kaido round 2 will start from this chapter. This gives 2 chapters where Luffy can fight hard and get defeated again, hence the tragedy. The Onigashima arc will soon be animated.

Raw Scans And Release Date

Following his usual pattern, Oda is taking a break next week. This means that December must have 3 chapters for 1000 to be released in 2020. Fortunately, there are 5 Wednesdays in December, so it is still very possible. On December 9, 2020, Chapter 998 will be released. Also recently, fan translation is released on Saturdays. So expect the fan translation to come on December 12, 2020.

Lastly, the Official scans will be released on December 13, 2020. This English translation is known to be more accurate. You can find it on Viz or Mangaplus websites, or the Shonen Jump app. It will be available for free, and legal too.

One Piece Manga 998 spoilers will be available around December 9, 2020. First comes the short spoilers with rough sketches. Then the raws, the detailed spoilers, and Korean scans.

Discussion, Spoilers And Plot Predictions

Fans are quite annoyed by Sanji’s stupid move. He rushed in and got detained. One of Sanji’s key character aspects is his chivalry. Sanji is protective of women. As a matter of fact, him not going for the rescue would be uncharacteristic of him. Next chapter will probably show Sanji removing his bonds.

It is most likely that a short clash with Black Maria will take place. Obviously, Sanji won’t kick her. He can always dodge her attacks, since his Observation Haki is good and then fly away using raid suit. But what if he makes an ally out of Maria? She seems promiscuous and not that attached to anything. In fact, she just wanted to party with Kaido. Quite a gentle woman with the injured Momo, Maria also stated her distaste for action. So there is a possibility that she will become an ally of the Samurai.

What’s Going On With Luffy?

Every couple chapters, Oda is introducing these Headliners with unique beast powers. Luffy and Jinbe are easily getting past them, as if they are no threat at all. This is sort of training for Luffy and also shows that Kaido’s elaborate system can be crushed if the individual is strong enough. Once again, Poker and Mizerka got ignored. The Headliners are falling in line to be treated like trash and thrown off in a jiffy.

The upcoming chapter will show Luffy at the penultimate 4th floor. So, the 5th and last floor comes at Chapter 999. And thus, Luffy reaches the roof on Chapter 1000, and faces Kaido. Very elegant planning by Oda. The headliners along the way will hinder him in no way.

And now, it seems like Luffy has a short following because of the Udon prisoners. They came in very handy by building that nice ladder. If there are beast pirate troops guarding the passage to the roof, Luffy can entrust them to these Udon folk. And if Jack appears, Jinbei is there to take him on.

Zoro’s Position In The War

In the meantime, Zoro and Kiku have formed a nice friendship. He likes that big woman and her swordsman spirit. She is probably the Akazaya with whom he connects the most. And seeing her chopped arm struck a nerve in him. He got reminded once more that cutting Kaido is his goal and he mustn’t waste time on fodder. This chapter will probably show Zoro clashing with Queen. Using Shishisonson, Zoro proved that he has gotten serious and wants to take out a big opponent. While we don’t see Queen as his final opponent, a clash is very possible. Queen may be goofy by personality, but he too was somewhat shocked by Zoro’s ranged attack.

Chopper showed great integrity by deciding to heal both allies and enemies – he is a doctor first. Marco is heating up people with his flames while Chopper makes the antidote. Chopper has already figured out how the virus works so mass producing the antidote won’t be a problem. And Drake will probably be there to guard him. Zoro showed faith in Chopper when he entrusted the floor to him. There comes these short moments, that solidify their friendship a lot.

Additionally, Zoro may awaken Conqueror’s Haki. Zoro can be a leader at times. And in Wano, which is supposed to be his own arc, he has gone out of his way to be as non-leader as possible. He didn’t even round up samurai!

We believe Brook thinking the earthquake is being caused by Zoro’s Haoshoku is a premonition about Zoro awakening it. And it is definitely possible. Because even now, Zoro’s vice captain moments are cherished – like when he stopped Luffy from chasing Usopp.

Kaido’s Dreams And Dragons

Kaido plans to start the biggest war. His base of operations will be Onigashima and Wano will be enslaved by him. Yamato will control Wano while he focuses on the world. The imminent chapter will probably reveal some more about why Kaido needs the island in place of Flower Capital (except his expensive mansion is in Onigashima). Yamato and Black Maria seem to know about this. Maybe Yamato will turn into a dragon and try to stop this. It can be a very interesting chapter if dragon form Yamato tries to stop Dragon Kaido!

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