One Piece Episode 883 Seems to be Slow Paced

One Piece - episode 883 seems to be slow paced

One Piece Episode 883 was recently aired. One piece is known for its unique powers and different abilities. Among those powers, Luffy could be one of those guys who has the craziest powers, moves and transformations. As the foes in the series are becoming stronger Luffy gets closer to the top tiers.

One Piece Episode 883

Apparently every episode has more than half of it as flashback. And the main theme or story advances at a very slow pace. One Piece is having a flashback that is not subtle.

In One Piece Episode 883, Luffy’s older brother is introduced. What’s more surprising is that he was here all this time! And mind you, he is not here to take the place of the older brother who just died.

These flashbacks are a true knowledge about the real drama of poverty as well as class. During tragedies, circumstances take place before you get to know these characters. This friendly love would not aspect if Sabo’s return was not cheered by the fan base community.

One Piece - episode 883 seems to be slow paced

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The Flashback

One Piece Episode 883’s flashback is more relevant than all the recent ones. This is because it reminds of King Stelly guy who was adopted by Sabo’s parents. This was so that they can take control of the Goa Kingdom in Stelly’s place.

When the Whole Cake Island began he was preparing to get into Reverie. His final shape however is still idiotically bad. His general idea to take control as an arrogant ruler made him selfish. As a king, he brooded to trouble everyone in the future.

The shuffling of supremacy was taking place at Mariejois. Koala, a revolutionary explains they have no interest in the World Governement. Rather, they are willing to dismantle the Celestial Dragons who are sitting at the top. It is because they are the ones who pull the strings.

Just like everything, there is corruption in the system but people taking things responsibly are brewed in the middle.

To sum up, excessive flashback is not at all a mandate. The curve of the scheme followed by the show might get juicy ahead. But as of now it is just full of lots and lots of flashbacks.

We survive on 5 minutes of the show every week. The usual speed is intervening the juice of the series. The main theme or plot of the story is getting a red signal every time. The criticism, for now, can be really intriguing.



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