One Piece Episode 893 leaks, plot and details

One Piece episode 893 leaks, plot and details ...

With One Piece Episode 892 showing life at ‘Wano’s country’ episode 893 dwells deeper into the storyline.

Before jumping into the details of episode 893, let us revisit what we have seen till now.

One Piece episode 893 leaks, plot and details

The RUFZ are already inside Wano, they are already travelling ‘Incognito’. They acquire different roles such as the Merchant, Ronin, Carpenter, Geisha. Zoro attacks the magistrate as he realizes that he is the actual culprit. Zoro was arrested before for the murders but he finds the reality behind it.

Towards the end, we see Luffy with ‘Thousand Sunny’ – The ship, as they wash up on the shore. Luffy wakes up when a crab bites on his nose. Baffled from this he wakes up to find nothing but Thousand Sunny beside him. Still trying to figure out, he hears ‘Animal-fights’ and the episode ends with ‘Komainu’ comes tumbling towards Luffy.

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The aftermath of previous events still follows Zoro. After his attack on the magistrate, the subordinates jump on him to overpower him. Zoro puts up a fight and runs up to the platform and gets all his three swords. He thus unleashes a powerfull whirlwind which destroys the Magistrates house.

As the events follow, Zoro is now wanted in the country. His posters are everywhere and all the team ‘RUFS’ get to know about this. However, Usopp’s reaction to the poster is recorded by a Policeman.

Usopp lies about Zoro threatening his family and The Policeman leaves. Zoro while on the run rests below a bridge and finds his own ‘Wanted’ poster.

One Piece Episode 893

Luffy while on Island stands near Komachiyo. Another beast shows up as he is a giant baboon with a sword and attacks Komachiyo. Luffy stands as a spectator and tries to remember the previous events.

Luffy is still confused and tries to remember how his crew and he split up and remembers the time when they were fighting through the Octopus which separates them. Currently, Luffy is unaware of the whereabouts of his crew.

Two beast pirates capture and enslave a girl. They try to sell her to a brothel. However, they encounter Luffy on the beach and plan to capture him. Luffy gets to know the intentions and attacks them both. His attacks injure them.

One of the pirates orders the Baboon to attack Luffy. Luffy uses the power of Haki (One in seven Million) and asserts his will on the Baboon. Luffy encounters the girl who was enslaved and a small interaction between them happens. The girl indeed informs Luffy that they currently are in Wano.

Now we all are waiting for 894 to see what happens next? What will Zoro do now and many questions?

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