One Piece Episode 897 Spoilers: Luffy and Zoro vs Hawkins and Beast Pirates

One Piece Episode 897

One Piece Episode 897 will follow the inside story of Cidre, the strongest bounty hunter. Cidre along with his gang tries to take down Luffy and Warlord Boa Hancock.

Cidre and his gang members well didn’t succeed to capture and kill Luffy and Hancock. The filler episode couldn’t stand to match the main arc and had too much hype, to begin with. After the quick divergence from the Whole Cake Island Arc, the show will counter the return of Wano arc. “Save Otama, Bounding through the Wasteland” is the title of One Piece Episode 897. The much-awaited episode is a reunion of Luffy and Roronoa Zoro.

One Piece Episode 897 Luffy and Zoro reunion

Luffy and Zoro were seen lastly in Zoa. After that, they both took different paths to complete missions. Luffy went to Whole Cake Island to capture Sanji whereas Zoro headed towards land of Wano. As Zoro will be preparing for a battle against Kaido and Beast Pirates.

One Piece Episode 897

On travelling to Wasteland, Luffy finds Zoro again
Credits: Econo Times

The main theme of Episode 897 will revolve around Otama. She fell ill after drinking water from the nearby river. However, the river contains poison coming from the factories built by Beast Pirates. But a much bigger plot lies ahead in the upcoming episode.

Battle of two-on-one

Luffy’s excitement to meet Zoro is at the top but will soon diminish. As they need to battle against Basil Hawkins. Hawkins does have an interesting back story and the clash between him and Luffy. He betrays Kid Pirates and later joins the Beast Pirate’s Headliner.

One Piece Episode 897 - An ultimate clash between Luffy-Zoro and Hawkins

The greatest bounty against Luffy
Credits: BitFeed

The One Piece Episode 897 will focus on a two vs one battle. As Hawkins will encounter against Luffy and Zoro at the same time. Both of them didn’t worry about his strength and additional power of devil fruit. They still have a smile and are ready to tackle every power put on them. It feels like Luffy will use the ultimate sword acquired from Otama’s teacher.

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