One Piece Episode 939 Release Date, Spoilers: Yasuie and Oden Sacrifice Explained


Episode 939 of One Piece is set to focus on the final moments of Yasuie and his past relationship with Oden.  The series has established Yasuie as a noble character and now it will take us to his demise.

Yasuie’s Tragic Fate

Yasuie is a hero for the people of Wano, even though may not look like a formidable character. Episode 939 will throw light on his tragic fate. In the preview, Orochi orders for Yasuie’s execution and he is shown in a crucifix.

Before Yasuie’s demise, episode 939 will focus on his details including the role he played in Wano twenty years ago. He served the Kozuki family and was also the daimyo of the Hakumai region. In a flashback sequence, Yasuie was seen convincing Oden to accept his role being the ozuki heir and Wano’s next shogun.

Yasuie, while being crucified, would narrate the story after Oden’s death. Orochi takes the remaining daimyo across Wano and tries to convince them to become allies. however, none of them agreed and instead declared their loyalty to Oden.

Yasuie will go on to remind Wano’s people about the great work by the Kozuki family. He will also tell them how Oruchi’s rule ruined everything. Episode 939 will also see Yasuie discussing about the rebellion symbol of Wano. Even though Yasuie would go on to claim that it was just a prank, it was his last attempt to save the alliance.

Yasuie hopes that this would redirect Orochi and his forces’ attention and allow alliance’s plan to push through. This would be one of Yasuie’s last sacrifice to fulfil its vow to bring Wano to glory.

Episode 939 will release on 30 August.

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