One Piece Kaido and Big Mom- The clash is on fire

One Piece Kaido and Big Mom- The clash is on fire

The most exciting face-off between Kaido and Big Mom is all set. The latest chapter in the manga series will show two Yonkos facing each other. Although, chapter 951 is streaming now and there are much more into the series. One Piece Kaido and Big Mom battle will be one of the main highlights of the episode. There will be much more events likely occur in this episode. Shogun is angry, heart pirates escape, and there is a message for a new war. Eiichiro Oda delivers a perfect plot for this episode.

One Piece Kaido and Big Mom appeals to King to join the crew

The beast pirates consist of three stars, likely King, Queen, and Jack. And now Queen is successful in bringing back Big Mom to Onigashima. However, it is providing food to Mom, and she wants King to join the crew. Unfortunately, King refuses to join the crew.

One Piece Kaido and Big Mom - The clash is on fire

Mom returns and the Yonkos are back to battle
Credits: Comic Book

The recent episode of One Piece Kaido and Big Mom is making a huge fuss. What lies beneath the hate lets go more deep into it? In the meantime, Big Mom urges the Queen to remove the handcuff.

The appeal gets rejected. However, a familiar voice order guards to remove the handcuff. And to a surprise, it was Kaido who orders to remove the cuffs.

Both the Yonkos have a connection from past

The guards didn’t respond to the order thinking to be a joke. Kaido was serious and remanded for removing the cuffs. As soon as the cuffs are open, Big Mom delivers her sword against Kaido.

It seems like both of them are ready to battle. Consequently, both the swords strike with each other doing a split in the sky. It reminded us of the previous scene when Shanks and Whitebeards came against each other.

One Piece Kaido and Big Mom - The clash is on fire

Both are connected from the past pirate crew
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Episode 951 delivers a brief history of both Kaido and Big Mom. Both the Yonko warriors were in the same crew previously. Being in the pirate crew, it can be estimated that both the Yonkos have a connection. One Piece Kaido and Big Mom fight is still on and may result in an exciting battle.

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