One Piece Manga-Anime Review: Should You Read/Watch it?

One Piece Manga-Anime Should I start Reading or Watching the Series

One Piece is one of the longest-running manga and anime series with around 1000 chapters and episodes. As of right now, One Piece chapter 979 and episode 925 are the latest to come out in the series. It is why everyone who is planning to start reading the manga or watching the anime is confused about whether they should get into it?

One Piece is a story about a boy named Luffy who wants to become the next Pirate King and gathers various allies on his journey in the massive ocean. It is not as simple as it sounds, there are so many characters, places, storylines in One Piece series that it is hard to keep track. But given most of us are stuck under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the perfect time to start reading or watching the One Piece series.

Perfect Time to Start One Piece Series

Perfect Time to Start One Piece Series
One Piece anime series will take around 500 hours to watch all the episodes and no matter how much you stream, it will take months to finish it. Also, by the time you are done with all the One Piece episodes, a new season with more episodes will come out. Even if you start reading the One Piece manga series, it will still take weeks to reach the latest chapter.

While in normal days, we might never get so much of free time, it is different after the Coronavirus outbreak has hit the world. Everyone is under lockdown, unable to go outside for anything other than essential activities. It is a perfect time to start the One Piece anime-series as you can catch up on it and pass the lockdown with ease.

One Piece Series: Anime or Manga?

One Piece Series Anime or Manga
One Piece manga and anime series both are amazing and fans are often confused about which to follow. There is not much difference in One Piece manga vs anime compared to other series as it always closely follows the source materials.

It always comes down to you, whether you like to read manga pages or watch the anime in action. Depending on your preferences, you should watch One Piece anime or read the manga series. There is so much to explore, and you must start catching up on the One Piece series, it will last long enough for you to pass the quarantine days.

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