One Piece Stampede: Anime Trailer Highlights

One Piece Stampede: Anime Trailer Highlights

An original story by Eiichiro, An hunt for Roger’s treasure, A legendary conspiracy which tells us to be ambitious, to be the strongest is back. “One Piece Stampede” new trailer launched on Thursday. With the inclusion of WANIMA’s theme song “GONG,” the Anime is on another level now.

This is the 14th film in One Piece Stampede franchise. It will hit Japanese theatres on 9th August. WANIMA is a famous band in Japan. Their theme song “Gong” will feature in the 14th instalment of the franchise.

One Piece Stampede: Anime Trailer Highlights


This is the first tie-up of WANIMA with an Anime. The three-member band felt obliged when they connected with One Piece. Kenta a member of the band stated the following,

“As one of the One Piece fans like you, I put the days that I had spent with One Piece and the things I felt from this movie into this song. We hope this song, which couldn’t have been made without encountering One Piece, will reach many people. I love One Piece the most in Japan!!”

“Gong” will not only be combined with One Piece rather an original solo version will air first in the latter half of July. One Piece Stampede already has a huge fanbase as we can see that from 650K views are already there on the new trailer.

The new poster which looks awesome! was shared by Eiichiro,

One Piece Stampede: Anime Trailer Highlights

About the movie

The movie is based on pirates and their quests. The world’s greatest pirate festival is here. Further, The “Straw Hat Crew” follows the same and land up in the Pirate festival. They reach the place hosted by the Master of Festivities. Only to find out that it is the land of pirates from both good and worst.


  • Naoto Takenaka
  • Ron Monroe
  • Fischer’s
  • Isobe
  • Yusuke Santamaria
  • Ryōta Yamasato

Moreover, The latest movie in the series was released three years back in 2016 and was named One Piece: Gold. One Piece always held a special place in the hearts of Anime fans. It will always be in the top 10 best Anime ever.

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