One Punch Man Chapter 137 Release Date, Spoilers: Amai Mask And Garou To Face Each Other? Will Garou Reveal His Monstrous Side?

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One Punch Man Chapter 137 spoilers are already out. A huge battle between the monsters and the villains has been teased. The Monsters Association arc will soon come to an end. Fans will probably get to see the future chapters getting more intense.

Plot Predictions For One Punch Man Chapter 137

After his absence in the previous chapter, readers are looking forward to seeing Saitama in the Chapter 137. However, it seems like fans have to wait a little more before they see the Caped Baldy’s return.

One Punch Man Master Saitama

The monsters and villains will take the spotlight this time. According to reports, the Heroes Association will attack the Monster Association headquarter, resulting in a massive brawl.

Amai Mask might face Garou, but the former can’t quickly bring the villain down with his strength. With the monster’s immense power, only Saitama can match his ability. Garou is about to unleash his true abilities. So, if Amai Mask tries to pick a fight, he may show his real monstrous side.

On the other hand, there are assumptions that Blast will make an appearance and help Amai Mask. However, as the superhero’s arrival is only teased so far, there is a small possibility that he will finally come.

In addition to this, Saitama might start a good friendship with Manako after introducing himself to the monster in Chapter 131. Although this move may come with many “implications,” Saitama may start to defend Manako from any enemies. He, too, may soon come to the surface with Manako and Flashy Flash.


However, knowing Manako is a monster and helping a rival, Psykos may soon punish her. If this happens, Saitama may rescue Manako and save her from the hands of the esper.

Heated High-Stake Esper

Furthermore, as the final fight starts between Tatsumaki and Psykos, fans are about to witness a “heated high-stake esper” battle in One Punch Man Chapter 137. As the Hero Association is now heading to the brawl’s location, an all-out war is about to begin.

So far, the heroes have split up and face the monsters separately. It is not far that fans are about to see different heroes working together to bring the Monster Association down for good.

Release Date

Chapter 137 is expected to be out on Sunday, January 3, 2020, on VIZ media, MangaPlus, and Shonen Jump’s official websites and platforms. Alternatively, the raw scans may drop five to six days before its official release date.

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