One Punch Man Chapter 145 Predictions And Release Date; Saitama To Come Out At Last To Face Fuhrer Ugly?

Fubuki One Punch Man

One Punch Man Chapter 145 is awaited with baited breath. After Yusuke Murata drops Chapter 144, fans are desperate to see what happens next. There is a dire need for Saitama to finally come out and defend his allies after Fuhrer Ugly puts the Heroes down.

One Punch Man Chapter 145 Plot Predictions

Saitama has been missing in action as of late. The upcoming chapter is the best time for him to emerge. A new formidable villain is causing damage to Saitama’s friends. It time he arrives to save them.

Fuhrer Ugly turns to be a terrifying villain, who has been wreaking havoc on the place and tormenting the Heroes. So, the Caped Baldy has to come out from his bat cave and face the Dragon-Level Mysterious Being before it is too late. The Monster Association executive member seems to have the ability to kill all the Heroes without the sweat. He has beaten Tank Top Master so severely that he can be dead any moment. This puts other Heroes in danger, and their only hope is Saitama.

One Punch Man

Meanwhile, Fubuki, also known as Hellish Blizzard, has displayed incredible power and ability in the series. She has shown her remarkable qualities as a true hero herself after being in the shadow of her sister, Tatsumaki, aka Terrible Tornado, for so long. It can’t be denied that she has all the qualifications of being a huge and successful hero. However, she has preferred to be Class B’s top hero.

She knows she can’t surpass or even match her sister’s ability. Hence, she better be a leading hero of the third strongest class than to be at the bottom of Class A rank. Thankfully, after working with the Class S heroes and Saitama himself, Fubuki has finally seen her worth. She has even managed to outshine Tatsumaki, and that is in the leadership part. So, fans are about to see more of Fubuki and her growing abilities in the chapters to come.

Fubuki One Punch Man

Release Date

The manga is not following any schedule, so a new chapter just drops whenever it is ready. Its spoilers, on the other hand, will come out if there is a leaked manga panel, which will be translated into English. However, fans are still advised to wait for its official release.

The new chapter is believed to be out on Tuesday, June 15. But as Murata has been dropping the last few chapters with just a bit of time interval, some expect the new chapter to drop on Saturday, May 1.

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