One Punch Man is coming out as a Game!

One Punch Man's video game announced!

With One Punch Man season 2 nearing to an end, many Saitama and Garo fans can still feel refreshed from this announcement. a newly announced One-Punch Man mobile game, One-Punch Man: Road to Hero, looks to offer just such an opportunity.

One Punch Man's video game announced!

One-Punch Man: Road to Hero is a mobile title, from Oasis Games.

However, these are just speculations and only pre-register date can be announced after the finale. Those who pre-register for OPM: Road to victory which is life for Android and IOS devices may receive a special gift during gameplay.


  • One Punch Man will feature a myriad of chapters.
  • Experience Anime chapter once again.
  • Return of Original voice actors and actresses.
  • Access to season one storyline.
  • Future updates will include further storylines.
  • Turn-based mobile card game.
  • RPG gaming format.
  • Share Gameplay Strategy
  • 50+ characters to collect and use.
  • Pre-mentioned chapter progress handling.
  • Multiple battle modes and characters.
  • Vaccine Man, Deep Sea King and Lord Boros to be added in the game.
  • In development for Android and IOS.

One-Punch Man Season 2 is now streaming on Hulu, and on Crunchyroll outside of the United States. The season is directed by Chikara Sakurai (Naruto Shippuden episode director), for new production studio J.C. Staff. Yoshikazu Iwanami serves as sound director, and Chikashi Kubota contributes new character designs.

One Punch Man's video game announced!

TIll now in season 2!

The great seer Madame Shibabawa’s prediction about the Earth being doomed seems to be coming true as the frequency of monster incidents escalates. Alongside Genos, his faithful disciple, Saitama begins his official hero duties as a member of the Hero Association, while Garou, a man utterly fascinated by monsters, makes his appearance.

No official date is released till now, most likely it will follow season 2 finale. Season 2 will end shortly. One Punch Man has always fascinated its fans with the various feats. let’s hope the game also ends up doing the same.

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