One Punch Man season 3 in hands of J.C Staff to redeem the anime series

One Punch Man season 3 speculations, plot, possible release and more ...

One Punch Man season 2 just finished and left fans craving for more. However, season 2 seemed like it was made in a hurry and therefore received mixed reviews by fans.

Saitama had an awesome season 1, after which there was a huge fan base of both the Anime and the manga. However, during mid-episodes of season 2, fans started feeling bored and the episodes seemed stretchy. Also, the long-awaited finale fight between Saitama and Garou was never shown and season 2 ended abruptly.

Moreover, the role of S-Class number one hero ‘King’ was also not properly addressed to the audience. The properly-done roles were that of Genos and Garou. The season basically focuses on both Saitama and Garou as both try to find the reason they are fighting for.

Behind the scene, villain King Orochi appears for 10-15 seconds every episode. Also, as it always happens, season 2 also ended with Saitama one-punching the seemingly impossible to one-punch the villain. Garou is injured as he fights other heroes and his masters too. However, in the end, Garou is taken back to King Orochi to join the Monster Association.

After the fan reviews, One Punch Man season 3 thus would take a lot of time. The 3rd season project will probably be allotted to J.C Staff. However, they picked up season 2 midway in April 2019 and fans didn’t like their take on the Anime.

Still, in a chance of redeeming themselves, they will try to bring what is best of Saitama and Garou. There is no official news as to when One Punch Man season 3 will premiere or is set to premiere.

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date

Team Geek speculates that if done properly and with a good storyline, One Punch Man season 3 can easily premiere in late 2020 or early 2021. However, no official news is released by the makers.

Still, the fans have much to look upon as One Punch Man also has his upcoming video game named One Punch Man: Road to Hero. It is a PvP game with characters from the Anime.

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One Punch Man is coming out as a Game!

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