OnePlus 5/5T Android 10 Update Triggered a Bug


OnePlus gained popularity rapidly in the past few years. Known as a “flagship killer” since 2014, the company is one of the famous names for Android products.

OnePlus main strength is its software, aside from its hardware and high price of the devices. Its famous operating system, the OxygenOS, is one of the most refined takes on Android. Only small changes from Stock Android with useful features and slight UI changes.

The company does not have a vast portfolio to be updated. With this situation, OnePlus can deliver Android updates quicker than its competitor. The company has updated a lot of its devices to Android 10, including the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus5T. These products first launched in 2017.

The update does not seem to be perfect. For some users, it comes with an unexpected bug in the OnePlus SMS app. Users have reported that they are not able to receive messages after updating to the latest build of OxygenOS.

The company confirmed this bug on a ‘Known Issues Q&A’ on through its forum. The company said they are fixing this issue at this moment. The next update will come with the fix for this issue.


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