OnePlus 7 Pro: The hype around the product is unreal


Is the hype around OnePlus 7 Pro really worth? People in numbers of hundreds are waiting around the T-Mobiles flagship store. This line isn’t for the famed iPhone because they usually launch around September. Oneplus has managed to rake in the crowd. People are garnering in large numbers to see and buy the phone as soon as it launches. The OnePus 7 Pro is the upcoming flagship offering from the brand and people are going crazy about it.

This is the sort of scene that one could witness at an Apple store earlier.

Ever since Tim Cook has taken over, Apple has made it possible for the potential buyers to pre-order their iPhones and get them delivered to their homes. It is an excellent strategy and is very convenient for buyers.

Apple has definitely suppressed the raging crowd that used to show up days earlier to be the first buyers of the new iPhone. The launch at stores used to be an event.

The Hype around OnePlus 7 Pro is unreal

The New OnePlus 7 Pro. Source: India Today

Is it a good decision for Apple?

It’s possible that it might be a good decision for Apple. At least it is more cost-effective and it also ensures that the supply always meets the demand. It makes sure that the same is done without excessive or limited stocks in physical stores.

It also helps with containing the outrage of customers who can’t get their hands on the product at the store. Apple is the richest company on the planet and it definitely has got a hype of its own. Maybe it doesn’t need big lines around its stores to build interest.

The Hype around OnePlus 7 Pro is unreal

Amazing looking back of the OnePlus 7 pro. Source: Mashable

OnePlus 7 Pro: What does the company think about their situation?

OnePlus 7 Pro is very happy filling into Apple’s shoes. They like the support and love that they are receiving and believe that it will only help with building their brand image. Even though OnePlus isn’t as popular in the states as other brands like Apple or Samsung, supporters still come out whenever there is a new launch and make it a happening event.

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