Oppo MeshTalk lets you call and chat without Wi-Fi or cellular networks

Oppo MeshTalk to allow users to talk with 3 km range
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Oppo MeshTalk has amazed everyone with their new features. Besides, it is the first smartphone that allows the user to chat and call without using cellular data, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Network. Users are still wondering if it is really possible! Check out its features to know more.

Oppo launches MeshTalk feature

Gadget users are astonished after the Oppo company launched a new MeshTalk feature. The new smartphone does not only have a camera below the display but also has a MeshTalk. Now you can communicate with your loved one without internet within the 3 km range. Yes, you read it right!

The new end-to-end system allows people to talk outdoors or indoors within a certain range. Also, one can communicate with their friends and family in crowded places.

How does this work?

Oppo devices would be able to build ad hoc local area networks within a specific range. Likewise, the users could talk to each other without the need for base stations. Another good news for the Oppo users that the MeshTalk won’t affect your battery life.

The company claims that the smartphone will work on a 72-hour standby mode. It will help the user during an emergency when their phone has low power. Mostly, the company wants to help the users when they don’t have internet access or the traditional networks are overcrowded.

It usually happens to users after landing at a foreign airport or during a concert. However, the developers are unsure whether it will work on the existing Oppo mobiles.

Also, they haven’t announced any launch date for the new feature. According to the sources, the app is still under demonstration at MWC Shanghai.

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