Oppo Phones are getting some Special Feature Again


Oppo is in the top design debates for the past couple of years have been mostly dominated by over how best can we increase the ratio of screen-to-body. Manufacturers have also been trying to find out ideas. So as to where to put the critical components of the devices which are dominated by screens. The impossible goals are to be accomplished, with the ability to incorporate them directly into the displays. As we have already noticed with fingerprint sensors and now selfie cameras are next in the list.


Oppo has a surprise again:

The company which has done it’s a fair share of research of anti-bezel experimentation with pop-up selfie cameras and display notches. It is about to demonstrate a new design of under-screen camera at MWC Shanghai this week. After releasing the teaser for the product earlier this month. Alongside this Oppo has also shown more information about how the technology actually works.

Oppo told that the display is using a customized transparent material which works along with redesigned pixel structure so as the light can get through. The sensor for the camera is said to be larger than general cameras, along with a wider lens aperture in front. It is saying that display quality won’t be compromised and the area of the screen reserved for the camera will work with touch control.



The company is acknowledging the fact that putting a screen in front of the camera will be reducing the image quality. With significant problems of glare, haze and also colour cast needs to overcome. The company is saying that it has developed techniques that are tuned finely with the hardware to address the issues.

Oppo is claiming that the image quality is on par with mainstream devices. But they will need to see what it once it ships as a commercial phone. Oppo is saying that it is planning to release the device in the near future with an under-screen camera.

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