Oscar nominee and Men in Black actor Rip Torn dies aged 88

Rip Torn, the Men in Black actor died at age of 88

The world has lost another bright star of its and is once again plunged into darkness. As the inevitable death parts Rip Torn from our lives, no amount of tears can express the pain incurred by his family and friends. The veteran actor died on 9th July, Tuesday surrounded by his family.

Rip Torn: A legendary actor

Rip Torn was an actor with a proud seven decade long career history. He was 88 years old gentleman who proved has proved his worth to the world. As reported by his publicist Rip peacefully left his earthy abode in the afternoon at his home in Connecticut, Lakeville.

He took his last breath surrounded by his wife, Amy Wright and his two daughters Angelica Page and Katie Torn. The 88 years old actor was most famous amongst his genre fans for his role in Men in Black. However, that role was just one of the many that brought him his stardom and limelight.

Rip Torn, the Men in Black actor died at age of 88

MEN IN BLACK, Rip Torn, 1997
source: People

He made his film debut through Baby Doll, released in 1956. Torn was an original member of cast set for the play Sweet Bird of Youth by Tennessee William. He even features in the film version of the play in 1962. As well as played a role made-for-TV adaptation of the same.

Roles were specially designed for him!!

The classic Easy Rider’s George Hanson was a character written keeping him in mind. However, he later withdrew from the project owing to issues with Dennis Hopper. When in The Tonight Show Dennis wrongly accused him of pulling a knife stunt on him which resulted in his expulsion, he did not stay quiet.

Rip Torn sued Dennis Hopper and the judgment was ruled in his favor. Torn was awarded $475,000 as compensatory damage, however the actor was did not receive any punitive damage reward. Hopper appealed against the judgment, which further pushed him into the pit of trouble. On the appeal, the judgment was slightly altered but in Rip’s favor. Now Hopper had to pay another $475,000 as punitive damage reward.

Men in Black famed Rip was nominated for Oscar award in the supporting actor category for his role in Cross Creek. He was even nominated for 6 Emmy Awards and succeeded in winning one of them. Torn’s life was indeed like a roller coaster and he enjoyed each moment of it. No matter where he was!!

Rip Torn, the Men in Black actor died at age of 88

Actor Rip Torn
Source: Bloomberg

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