Over 100 million PC owners at risk from new security flaw

New Dell users are at risk from pre-installed 3rd party programs.
Credits: CSO

Did you know more than 100 million PC owners are constantly at risk of losing their personal documents? Recently, serious news broke the internet where hackers are trying to get into your system through advertisements.

Who is the main target of hackers?

It has become very difficult to understand digital threats for internet users. These days, various types of viruses are spreading all over the internet. Moreover, hackers are mostly trying to find the weak spots of popular apps or websites and steal their data.

And when they succeed, it can wreak havoc not only in the individual’s life but also for everyone who has access to the same computer or software. Sometimes, a popular device can become the main target of hackers.

Also, a recent discovery has revealed that a pre-loaded piece of software can become an easier way for hackers to enter your computer system. Once they get access, then your computer is in serious danger.

What to do when your device is at risk?

To avoid getting your system hacked, do not visit any sites or links that look suspicious. But if they have made their way into your computer, then there is only one option.

SupportAssist security

Recently, researchers at SafeBreach Labs discovered a shocking flaw in a program. The Dell-branded computers included various pre-installed third-party tools. SupportAssist is a built-in system created for Dell users.

However, when it is bundled with other devices, then it is known as PC-Doctor Toolbox. The flaw is present in the SupportAssist because it’s pieces ships with the software suite.

As per the research, the system extracts library files from the folders which it interacts with. Once the user opens the program, then the cybercriminals and hackers can have access to their private data.

Thankfully, Dell took the necessary action and launched a patch on May 28. Now, more than 90% of Dell users are safe and all thanks to the patch. Check out The Geek Herald for more exciting updates.

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