Overlord Season 4 release date rumours and manga update

Overlord Season 4 is happening or not?

The dark fantasy anime series Overlord gets a heck while releasing its next season. Season 2 and 3 which got its release last year went into a split-cour.  And now fans are eagerly waiting for Overlord Season 4. As for an anime series, the next season normally comes within a year but in this case, it is not.

The franchise is moving into a serious complication and won’t be able to air sooner or later. However, there are no rumours or speculation for season 4. The idea of getting fire from the latest season is all vague. Therefore, it is sure that the Overlord Season 4 won’t return this year.

Overlord Season 4 is happening or not?

Season 4 of Overload will release next year
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Overlord Season 4: Connection missing

As of now, the production house of the franchise is running into a complication. They tend to join the novel as well as the story into a one familiar topic.

Hence, the contents available with the franchise is not enough to release a new season. However, Overlord Season 3 left-back in a cliffhanger to which the novel doesn’t connect in the right way.

Overlord Season 4 is happening or not?

Overload franchise are connecting story and novel for next season
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As soon as the novels get a release, we will see the production of Season 4. The TV animation adapted by Madhouse is not in a rush to release the next season.

Therefore, we won’t be expecting a season 4 for the Overlord anime series. And expecting a whole new season within a week isn’t possible. For anime series like Overload does take around 9 months of production.

It is not available until 2020

All the fans out there must not wait for 2019 release rather would look for 2020 release dates. Not even 2020 but it may extend up to summer 2020 or maybe fall 2020. During the month of July, a rumour trailed about its early release but very soon.

Overlord Season 4 is happening or not?

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Till August we didn’t have the idea of an Overlord Season 4 but now major reports claim the same. According to reports from ComicBook and So-bin claims to have a season 4 for the anime series. We are still under speculation of the release date as the release date for the same isn’t teased.

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