Overlord Season 4: When will Season 4 Air?

Overlord Season 4

When will Overlord Season 4 air? What will be the plot? Can we expect to see Season 4 in 2019?

Like its name, ‘Overlord’ ruled the world of anime series. It has left a huge imprint on the minds of its viewers. And since Overlord Season 3 ended earlier this year, fans are already eagerly waiting for Overlord Season 4. In fact, fans are really getting frustrated for having to wait for Overlord Season 4.

The question in everyone’s mind is when can we see Season 4? Will Season 4 of Overlord air in 2019?

Overlord Season 4

A still from season 3 finale episode

Will Overlord Season 4 return in 2019?

To answer to the biggest question for all the Overlord fans “will Overlord return with Season 4 in 2019?” The answer, sadly enough is, not likely. Madhouse wouldn’t want to rush through anything and compromise with the production quality. Season 4 will take longer to go on floors. The storyline is yet to be worked on to connect it with the season 3. And once the storyline I picked and finalized, the production will kick-start.

When can we expect Overlord Season 4?

So, now the next big question is when will we see the Season 4 return? Though nothing has been announced officially. But that Season 4 of the show could return in 2019 cannot be completely ruled out. Though there are very slim chances for this to happen, but lets keep out fingers crossed for some luck.

However, the best bet would be late 2020 or may be early 2021, for the Season 4 to air. It is highly unlikely that it’ll happen anytime before that.

Overlord Season 4 Plot:

As far as the plot of the show is concerned, it is yet to be worked on. The Overlord anime seasons are much closer to the novels. And the show cannot move ahead, until the novel progresses further. But one thing for certain is that like always the show will surpass its viewer’s expectations, and continue to live up its glory.

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