Pacific Rim Anime confirmed for 2020 release

Pacific Rim Anime confirmed for 2020 release!

Netflix just confirmed the news on Pacific Rim anime release for 2020. And with already two movies released for Pacific Rim the hype is real.

With the first two films that were launched in 2013 and the other one last year, they have already established the audience. With the first film stealing the hearts of movie fans all around the world, the second one did just the job to keep up with the real fans.

Pacific Rim Anime confirmed for 2020 release!

Moreover, the Battle of Kaijus and the Jaegers were legendary in both the movies, it will be better in Anime. The anticipation and hype for the same are real, as already there are various Anime based on Giant robots fighting. It will be a tough one for Netflix.

At Anime Expo the Vice President of ‘Legendary’ Entertainment gave us a notch on the upcoming seasons of Pacific Rim. He said,

” There will be two seasons releasing in 2020″.

It will be produced with a partnership with Polygon pictures and is said to be the biggest budget Anime ever. The story would revolve around two brothers who will find an abandoned Jaeger and will use it to find their parents who went missing amidst the war.

What’s more!

Further, Craig and Greg will be the face of this Anime. Netflix has confirmed the year of release as 2020. There will be two seasons which are confirmed till now but we can expect more from Netflix. They are showing interest in Anime a lot this year.

Pacific Rim Anime confirmed for 2020 release

Pacific Rim Anime confirmed for 2020 release

Moreover, except Pacific Rim Netflix also has eyes on four other Anime releases. These are AC Anime and Insect Cage with others. With One Piece currently running pretty smooth and OPM being on top of others we can safely say this year is pretty good for Anime fans.

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