Paris Jackson, Gabriel Glenn Marriage Rumors: Couple had a Secret Wedding in the Quarantine


This time last year, a source claimed that Paris Jackson had secretly married her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn.

Paris Jackson’s secret wedding

Last summer, sources claimed that Paris had secretly married Gabriel Glenn. However, the only proof the source had to back up its claim were photos of Paris and Glenn wearing rings on their fingers at the launch of The Peanut Butter Falcon.

Reality behind Paris and Gabriel’s relationship

The unnamed source also disclosed that insiders were worried that Jackson was directed towards a meltdown but Gabriel have a steady influence on her.

The “rings”, the unnamed source claimed the wedding rings were actually “wedding bands”. Paris has been spotted many times wearing multiple pair of rings on her fingers, none of them indicated she was married.

Another source said,

This is indeed false. Paris is not married, nor engaged.

Recently, Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn ended their one- year- old relationship which busted the claims of the tabloids.

Last June, a reputed source busted a claim made by tabloid that Paris was in a hurry to tie the knot with Gabriel.

The story claimed that Paris wanted to marry her boyfriend by going against her family. The Jackson family was worried about the fact that Gabriel is marrying Jackson for her wealth left by her deceased father.

Two years ago, the reputed source busted the claims of the same tabloid claiming Paris was quiting Hollywood and moving in a tent in California hills.

This story was false, just like her marriage rumors last year.

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