Peace Island: Play as a CAT in an open-world game driven by adventurous stories

Peace Island, brings unimaginable gaming experience

Well just like readers, gamers are also looking out for mind-stimulating material. Whether it be a version of the old counter-strike or new Harry Potter game all are based on mostly the same concept. Allowing players to exist as some form of a creature in an adventures world.

However, have you ever thought about how exciting playing a game as an animal would be?? I am not talking about Taking Tom, although what this article is about is quite similar to it. It’s the Peace Island game I am referring to, which offers you the life of a cat!!

Peace Island, brings unimaginable gaming experience

Cats are ready!!
Source: Noizz

Peace Island: Brings a new era of gaming experience!

If you are one of the staunch believers, that cat just eats and sleep then this game might change your views. Maybe in real life, your cats idles all day but in Peace Island, they don’t have a second to spare. The forthcoming game takes its players on a tour of Maine island on four-legs.

Offering the gamers a feline experience, which stays aloof from the traditional combat style. Peace Island promises a huge, expansive world that can be viewed from the eyes of a cat. The game is developed by Eric Blumrich with the assistance of a team of devs.

It is currently under development for Mac, PC and Oculus VR systems. The game allows players to take the form of one of the nine cats that are offered. Each cat has its own personality, weakness and set of specific skills.

What the game holds for us??

The name of the cats is Boy, Gary, Calinaigh, Anin, Girl, Zack, Ronan, Sushi and the new-comer Elizabeth. This game is a must-to-play for all new experience chasers.

Peace Island is basically an open-world game which is driven by adventurous stories. The nine cats wake up one fine day to find humans missing from the place they call home i.e, the island. The game focuses on exploration rather than combat and violence.

Peace Island, brings unimaginable gaming experience

The Map
Source: Eric Blumrich

It is ideal if you are tired of killing your opponent.

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