Pennyworth Episode 3: Martha Kane is what Batman is all about

Pennyworth Episode 3: Martha Kane makes it a must watch

No doubt, Pennyworth seems to be impressing audience on large scale. The first two episodes dealt with the life of Batman’s reliable butler. And the new episode of the DC inspired comic series will revolve around the left half of Batman’s ancestry- Martha Kane.

Pennyworth: Who is Martha Kane?

Pennyworth Episode 3: Martha Kane makes it a must watch

Emma Paetz as Martha Kane in Pennyworth (Source: iMDb)

Now, if the next episode of Pennyworth is titled Martha Kane, the first question that arises is who is she? So, Emma Paetz plays Martha in Pennyworth. Martha is an American operative who engage Alfred’s help for a secretive mission.

According to sources, Martha is a vital character of the series.

Martha’s first clip

Now, knowing this much about the lady, we all are keen to see her in action. But, we don’t have to wait for that till Sunday night. Because the makers have surfaced a video clip titled ‘Martha Kane’ for Pennyworth fans.

What do the makers say?

Pennyworth Episode 3: Martha Kane makes it a must watch

Pennyworth Poster (Source: DC Wiki-Fandom)

According to several makers, Martha is an important link in Batman’s story and she will stay a vital character of Pennyworth.

  • On being asked about Pennyworth, Thomas Wayne also said that Martha and Thomas’ journey will be worth watching.
  • Aldridge said, as the story proceeds further, Martha will become a powerful character of the show. It’s just the beginning of the journey where viewers will see how the two of them meet-up.
  • Producer Danny Cannon also said that Martha and Thomas are the two sides of Batman. The story will see many ups and downs. It will show every emotion that Batman goes through. They fight, they mess-up, and they even clash sometimes. They both have different ideas, which when combined together will make the series worth watching.

So, you might be very excited about episode 3 after reading this. For more entertainment updates, keep watching this space!

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