Pennyworth from the creators of Gotham to premiere on EPIX

Aflred Pennyworth to premiere on EPIX

Well, who doesn’t know Alfred Pennyworth, the Legendary badass butler of Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman. Danny Cannon and Bruno Heller who created the prequel of Batman series ‘Gotham‘ are back with a bang!

Well, you must have heard about superhero shows, superhero-sidekicks shows but is a butler of a vigilante worthy enough to have his show?

Bruno Heller, the showrunner and executive producer of Pennyworth commented the following,

It’s sort of like making a transcendent cheese sandwich. Not because the expectations are low, [but] because it’s hard to see, initially, what you could do with that.

Pennyworth Storyline

The story follows the journey of Alfred as he is recently relieved from armed forces. He now rethinks of his life and wants to start a security firm with his mates. However, in due course of events, he meets American billionaire Thomas Wayne (Future Father of Bruce). This alters his life altogether. Alfred is shown in his 20’s, and the events are set in 1960 London.

Well, fans were quite defensive when the first news came out. With Batwoman also premiering soon on CW, there is a lot of Batman featurettes which doesn’t involve Batman. Recently, Batman: Hush was released, which left the audience in awe. Also, Joker is set to release in October. Thus, Batsy will have a good year after all.


Pennyworth’s trailers had mixed reviews. DC fans were not expecting such series. However, DC shows are known to be based on single storylines rather than being interconnected. Some DC shows (currently running) like Pennyworth are Krypton, Swamp Thing and Young Justice: Outsider.

The series will premiere on EPIX.

Making a show about a butler is difficult. Danny Cannon commented,

It’s as if it’s sort of a dream London where anything, any point in the history of the country, can be there but anchored in the ’60s. And as Alfred finds himself pulled deeper into Thomas’ world, a very specific event in British history seems drawn into the setting.

Cast, Crew, and Characters

  • Alfred Pennyworth (Jack Bannon)- The future butler of Batman
  • Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldrige) – A young millionaire and the future father of Batman
  • Dave Boy (Ryan Fletcher) – A friend of Alfred
  • Martha Kane (Emma Paetz)- the Love interest of Thomas Wayne and future mother of Batman
  • Bet Sykes (Paloma Faith) and Lord Harwood (Jason Flemyng) – Enemies of Alfred who work together
  • Bazza (Hainsley Lloyd Bennett)- Another friend of Alfred

However, DC didn’t release any news regarding upcoming movies. Still, fans have had enough from SDCC in terms of animated series, TV shows, and comics. Pennyworth will premiere on 28th July at 9 PM on EPIX.

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