Pennyworth premiere on EPIX hints relationship between Thomas and Martha

Pennyworth premiere on EPIX hints relationship between Thomas and Martha

Pennyworth premiere on EPIX has left the fans going all gaga about it.

When the series was announced, fans were not satisfied as after the Dark Knight Trilogy; Batman has not got a good screen-time. Fans were reluctant regarding the release of a story which is based on butler of Bruce Wayne and whether the story would even come close to their expectations.

Pennyworth premiere- Special appreciation for Thomas and Martha

However, IGN gave it a 9/10 rating. And till now fans loved the first episode itself too much. The first episode titled Pilot released on 28th July. The second episode is titled The Landlord’s Daughter.

Pennyworth premiere on EPIX hints relationship between Thomas and Martha

Not everything has been put on the shoulders of Jack Bannon. Ben Aldrige and Emma Paetz play the role of Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane in the series. They will try to explore their lives and lay the moral foundation for their future son who will be the greatest protector of Gotham.

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Pennyworth from the creators of Gotham to premiere on EPIX

Ben Aldridge talks about Thomas and Martha’s relationship

As we know, Thomas and Martha’s relations give us the legendary Batman. However, the emotional foundation of Bruce’s mindset is also found in their love story itself. Ben Aldrige (Thomas Wayne) while giving an interview, couldn’t stop himself from mentioning Martha. Martha is the most important character in both Thomas and Bruce’s life.

He commented,

“So I guess we’ve never seen him before, or the beginnings of him, so that’s the interesting thing about it, it’s going right back,”

Ben added regarding him playing Thomas. He added further,

“He’s one half of what goes in to become Batman, that’s been a really great thing reading the scripts. And Martha Kane is a huge part of the show as well as it progresses, so its the beginnings and the sparks of their chemistry and how they meet as well. So that’s been an exciting thing to read and be part of.”

We know Batman’s will-power. It stems from Martha and Thomas’s relationship. Producer, Danny Cannon further explained this

“Arguably Batman is a very schizophrenic messed up guy, but Martha and Thomas are both sides of him.”

Also, do check for latest episodes of Pennyworth every Sunday on EPIX.

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