Phil Spencer Says Xbox Live is Not a Platform for ‘Free Speech’

Xbox head Phil Spencer.
Credits: Kotaku Australia

Phil Spencer is the head of Xbox. Currently, he is serving as the vice-president of Gaming at Microsoft. He is the leader of the engineering and creative teams of the same company.

Phil Spencer statement about Xbox Live in an interview

Spencer has promised the world to build a new protective environment for gamers. Since the past few months, he has been talking about making a safe place for players. Moreover, he is looking forward to freeing the gaming world from toxicity.

Phil Spencer announced the new idea of Xbox Live and Xbox as a comprehensive place for the players in a recent interview. However, there are some limitations in the gaming platform of Xbox.

Also, Spencer was asked a few questions about his Xbox mission at E3 2019. When he was asked why he wrote the previously mentioned blog post, he replied by stating that the direction of the platform should be clear for the gamers.

Furthermore, he added that the gaming firm should have a real purpose. He also admitted that there would be negative critics talking about Xbox’s mission. He stated that Xbox live is not a free speech platform. Moreover, it is not a spot for anybody to come and say anything. Spenser wishes to be transparent with everyone.

Features about the new game

Later on, Spencer talked about what was mentioned in May’s blog post. Plus, he discussed that the new features would empower Club moderators. The empowerment will help them to control groups and clubs which will ensure that they are free from toxic behaviour and harassment. Check out The Geek herald for more exciting updates.

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