Pikachu Outbreak has taken over the Yokohama station: Know more about the festival

Pikachu Outbreak has taken over the Yokohama train station

Every summer a Pikachu Outbreak event takes place in Yokohama city. The event features dancing and marching Pikachus. This time around the event was something special. It not only featured the sights of the special pocket ball monster but also their sounds for a surprise factor.

Pika-Pika Pikachu

Yokohama train station gets the Pokemon look

Sakuragicho station, the nearby station to where the event took place was covered with Pikachus. The images clicked by a Twitter user Ryuki confirms the extravaganza aka Pikachu Outbreak. This type of thing is not something new but has taken place previously also.

However, as per the reports from NewsGamme, the station ticket wickets were also making Pikachu noises. Usually, the Ticket wickets go for a beep, but at the time of Pikachu outbreak, they went for Pika-Pika. Yokohama, the second-largest city around 20 minutes from Tokyo has been a hospitable host for such special events.

One of the best tactics is to enjoy the happenings is to treat it like a real-life game of Pokemon. Enjoying the train rides at Minato Mirai Station and trying to randomly encounter Pikachus.

This time the Pikachu outbreak event was held from August 6 to August 12. Last time the event was held it featured the likes of Eeves as special guests.

Pikachu Outbreak at Yokohama

Pikachu Outbreak has taken over the Yokohama train station

This time the patch up continues smoothly with combination featuring the two highly popular Pokemon species. The parade starts from Nihonmaru and the sailing ship continues across the streets of Landmark tower. The things making a return in 2019 is the Pikachu Narikiri service in this you can get discounts from local merchants during the Pikachu outbreak.

If you wish to purchase some Pikachu gear you can easily get discounts from the merchants. This also includes a free Pikachu visor. These visors are given by the event organizers every year to the visitors. The event mostly took place at night from 7’o clock to 9’o clock.

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