Pineapple Express to drench California and Bay areas


Bring out your umbrella, California and be ready to soak the Pineapple Express. The storm will be affecting the Bay areas, a major part of California and the Sierra Nevada.

What are Pineapple Express storms?

The Pineapple Express storms generally come from the tropics. Atmospheric rivers are moisture-rich belts of water that originate from the Pacific Ocean a few times in a given year. They account for 50 per cent of annual precipitation of the state.

The atmospheric rivers usually occur in the winter season. In alternate years, they extend by months of May and June. Interestingly, Washington and California have already received 47 atmospheric rivers in 6 months. While 12 of them being extremely strong.

According to the forecasters, two major but weak atmospheric rivers are whirling up from Pacific. The rivers will be generating steady rainfall for the whole week.

Drenching California with cold and rain

Pineapple express to drench California


Till now, two such storms are officially predicted. One of them arrived on early Wednesday while the second will fall in the next Monday in San Diego region. The rain won’t be much strong to cause mudsliding or floods in residential areas.

Moreover, they will benefit areas indulged in rainwater harvesting for sure. California will be facing its wrath on coming Thursday. The sea levels will rise by 7 feet. The winds are predicted to gust at a speed of 30 miles per hour.

The government may declare a small craft advisory in Northern and Central California. Some areas are also prone to power outages in California due to trees falling down.

Another winter storm to hit the Bay areas and major California

Source- AccuWeather

Friday may remain dry but the weekend will face high splashes and winds afterwards. This may lead to a historic rainfall of 3 inches or more. Bay Areas, which will be the highest after 1849’s 0.7 inches. The temperature of the area will see a dip of 5-10 degrees.

It is thus advisable to carry an extra blanket while sleeping. The rains will cause a delay in the wildfire season of California. For Homo Sapiens, it might lead to headaches and cancellation of outdoor fun.

But above all, the residents will surely enjoy such spectacular rains in summer while sitting at home and sipping your coffee under the blankets.

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