Pinterest has filed for yet another IPO for $11.3 Billion


An announcement was made by Pinterest for the initial public offering on Monday in the morning. This has been made at a slashed price tag compared to the one that was valued previously.

The range of the IPO of Pinterest was set by the social media company in between $15 to $17 ps. In accordance with the filings with the security and the exchange commission so that it can have a maximum value of about $11.3 billion. If we talk of the price tag before then it was $12.3 billion.

This social media application is one of the most famous handles and this is a system that is designed well to gather information about various things making the use of the World Wide Web. The searches are made on the application by making the use of the images and things like those of the videos and GIF.

The Price Tag of the Pinterest is less than the last year one’s

Pinterest at a glance:

Active users using Pinterest are around 250 million around the world. Pinterest also allows people to save their images. At the same time, this also helps the users to categorize the images into various kinds of boards.

The first 500 users of the application where requested by the FEO of the company to put out some posts. After 9 months of the use of the application, the number of websites who were using the application was 10000.

Pinterest with the trend

This happened to be one of the most used applications of the time and this is so because this was informative enough. The curious generation loved to navigate through the application.

This is not only just served as a great source of entertainment but at the same time. This is also a source of information about many things altogether. The potential users receive the request from the users and thus, the creation of the account gets multiplied.

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